Be selfish

I thought that everybody wants to be happy. And I heard that if you wish for happiness you won’t get it. “You have to live your life simply and happiness will come along.” I don’t even get that. I think it’s kinda bullshit. 

Let’s say: I want to be happy! That’s what I would like to do in my life. That’s my goal. So, if I do want it, I would obviously do anything I have to do. Right?! I mean we all try to achieve our goals no matter what it takes. Even if some people won’t admit it, that’s what everybody wants. 

But I love this Do what makes you happy thing. It’s brilliant. A quote which urges you to take 5 mins and think about your choices. Do they make you happy? Are you happy now? Is it better than before? Could it be more than that? 

No no no no. What everybody wants nowadays is to show offWith clothes, cars, money, intelligence, skills, friends, bf/gf, how they talk, look, walk, etc. Isn’t this the thing which brings a lot of joy?! It makes you feel butterflies in your stomach; it puts a large confident smile full of pride on your face, you feel like dancing. It’s good. 

So if you feel others’ envy you are definitely happy. Yes, you do study in highschool for being accepted to a good college. Yes, you do give your best in college. Yes, you do  have an amazing job, a big, fancy SUV. Yes, you do own that big beach house but you actually live in an apartament downtown. What for? You have all that, but what for? I can tell 50 %sure that you like showing off with those stuff. Well congrats for having what to leave to your children blah blah. But c’mon, admit it, you like how they stare at you amazed, you love how they are trying to be friends with you. 

It’s actually sad.. But there comes a moment in your life when you start realizing that it’s not all about fairytales and pink ponies. It’s not about being a good, great, altruistic person. It’s not about helping others when you can’t help yourself. When you accept the fact that except for friends and family (even some of them sometimes) you are on your own, meaning that we all have interests, we would rather do something for ourselves than for anybody else, “I” comes first, everything for ME to be happy, anything for ME to have a decent life, anything I want. Selfishness. Maybe, despite all of that, it’s a good thing. We should try to accept it because it’s something we can’t change. Nobody is going to do you a -so called- favor just beacuse you are cute, smart, charismatic or whatever. They will do it for THEMSELVES; it’s in their interest. As an advice: Whenever somebody is about to help you with something, noting that they don’t need anything in return, think about their hidden interest, because believe me, there is one.