My ABC’s

Long time, no see post. I was kinda bored so I have found my old WP blog, since 2010. I have read all posts, which are about fifty-something. Good, old times. Back in that time, it was a must to post things such as The Liebster Award just for fun between friends. I really wanna see which are the differences between my answers then and my answers now. Well, enjoy.


My ABC’s




Available: Hhm.. wtf?
Age: 17
Annoyance: Hahaa
Allergic: No.
Animal: Cat and dog.
Actor: Charlie Sheen..




Beer: Hate it..
Best Friends: I’m not gonna make a stupid list. They’re my special people and they clearly know who they are. Love youu
Body part on opposite sex: Lips.
Best feelin’ in the world: Bathing in the sea during the sunrise.
Been in Love: Yes.
Been bitched out: Yes.
Believe in yourself: Sure. Always. 
Believe in life on other planets: Nah.
Believe in miracles: It depends. 
Believe in magic: “Abracadabra! Nope, you’re still a whore.”
Believe in God: Yes.
Believe in Satan: Idk.
Believe in Santa: Suuure!
Believe in Ghosts: Lalalalalalala

Believe in Evolution: Yes.




Car: Car what? Dream car? Mustang Shelby or Mercedes C63 both painted black. 
Candy: Nah.
Colour: Black, green maybe, brown, beige. 
Cried in school: Yes ..
Chocolate/Vanilla: CHOCOLATE!
Chinese/Mexican: Neither.
Cake or Pie: Cake.
Countries to visit: #1 Greece.




Day or Night: Night.
Danced: Yes.
Dance in the rain: Yes.
Dance in the middle of the street: Yes.




Eyes: Greenish.
Everyone has: A weak point.
Ever failed a class: No.



Food: Let’s not go there.




Greatest Fear: Idk.. 
Giver or taker: Hahaaa.
Get along with your parents: Yes.




Hair colour: Redish. 
Height: .
Happy: Sometimes.
Hate: How much time do you have?




Jewerly: Just earings and necklaces.
Job: No..




Kids: No.
Kickboxing or karate: Kickboxing.
Keep a journal?: No. I used to.




Longest car ride: I don’t remember. About 1200 km.
Love: Myself, always.
Laughed so hard you cried: Of course.




Milk flavour: Yucks.
Movie: Taken. 
Marriage: Not my goal.
McD’ s or BK: Mc.




Number of piercings: 0
Number: 8. 




Overused phrase: Hahahah.. I’ll skip this one.
One wish: It’s too hard to tell.
One phobia: Spiders. 




Place you’ d like to live: Idk..Oslo, Paris.
Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi.




Reason to cry: Anger.




Song: Eminem-The way I am


Shoe size: lol
Sushi: Yucks!
Slept outside: Yes.
Seen a dead body: Yes wtf.
Smoked: Yes.
Single/Group Dates: Single.
Strawberries / Blueberries: Strawberries.




Time for bed: It depends on what I have to do the next day.
Tattoo: No.




Unpredictable: Everything? 
Under the influence: Mhhh.. nah
Understanding?: Not always.




Vegetable you hate: Spinach.
Vegetable you love: Peas.




When you grow up: You’ll be amazed.


Wanted to be a model?: Hell no!




X – rays: Yes. 




Year it’ s now: 2014.




Zoo animal: Tiger.
Zodiac sign: Scorpio.

 *if you wanna fill this up, you’re free to have it. 

Iulia Albu @Romania

Iulia is the most amazing person I’ve ever seen. She’s a fashion blogger, designer, fashion editor, model etc. Some might say she’s trying to be a Lady Gaga, but I think she just likes to amaze and leave people speechless with her different and special clothing. Her reviews on romanian stars’ outfits are severe, rigid and, as I would say, bitchy! Yes. She’s a bitch with attitude. She had studied fashion and she definitely knows what she’s talking about. Iulia loves showing off at TV shows dressed “to kill”, with unusual, remarkable and stuning make-up. A hat, shawl or any hair accesories are a must for her, so you won’t get to see her without something like that (and if you do, she probably has a photo shooting). Being uncommon, many people from Romania call her a freak or say that she’s nuts. Well bitches, she’s not! So what if she goes for a walk with a hen?! So what if she appeared on TV with her lipstick stretched?! So what if her grades for celebrities are mostly negative?! Not everybody has the balls to go out like that, wear what she wears, criticise every public person, etc. For instance, I couldn’t. Because nowadays we are way too influenced by what others think of us. Who wouldn’t like to don’t give a fuck just like her?! 

















Sorry for the bad quality, here‘s her blog, take a look.

Soooo I’m proud that she’s romanian! Congrats for being a classy, out-of-the-way bitch! Way to go, Mrs. Albu!



Be selfish

I thought that everybody wants to be happy. And I heard that if you wish for happiness you won’t get it. “You have to live your life simply and happiness will come along.” I don’t even get that. I think it’s kinda bullshit. 

Let’s say: I want to be happy! That’s what I would like to do in my life. That’s my goal. So, if I do want it, I would obviously do anything I have to do. Right?! I mean we all try to achieve our goals no matter what it takes. Even if some people won’t admit it, that’s what everybody wants. 

But I love this Do what makes you happy thing. It’s brilliant. A quote which urges you to take 5 mins and think about your choices. Do they make you happy? Are you happy now? Is it better than before? Could it be more than that? 

No no no no. What everybody wants nowadays is to show offWith clothes, cars, money, intelligence, skills, friends, bf/gf, how they talk, look, walk, etc. Isn’t this the thing which brings a lot of joy?! It makes you feel butterflies in your stomach; it puts a large confident smile full of pride on your face, you feel like dancing. It’s good. 

So if you feel others’ envy you are definitely happy. Yes, you do study in highschool for being accepted to a good college. Yes, you do give your best in college. Yes, you do  have an amazing job, a big, fancy SUV. Yes, you do own that big beach house but you actually live in an apartament downtown. What for? You have all that, but what for? I can tell 50 %sure that you like showing off with those stuff. Well congrats for having what to leave to your children blah blah. But c’mon, admit it, you like how they stare at you amazed, you love how they are trying to be friends with you. 

It’s actually sad.. But there comes a moment in your life when you start realizing that it’s not all about fairytales and pink ponies. It’s not about being a good, great, altruistic person. It’s not about helping others when you can’t help yourself. When you accept the fact that except for friends and family (even some of them sometimes) you are on your own, meaning that we all have interests, we would rather do something for ourselves than for anybody else, “I” comes first, everything for ME to be happy, anything for ME to have a decent life, anything I want. Selfishness. Maybe, despite all of that, it’s a good thing. We should try to accept it because it’s something we can’t change. Nobody is going to do you a -so called- favor just beacuse you are cute, smart, charismatic or whatever. They will do it for THEMSELVES; it’s in their interest. As an advice: Whenever somebody is about to help you with something, noting that they don’t need anything in return, think about their hidden interest, because believe me, there is one.






In my opinion, a clever person is able to bring happiness in his life without being involved in a relationship. Being independent is the proof that you can live happily by yourself; having the power to control your emotions, actions and also lifestyle. Friends and family have an important contribution.

What we think, actually our mind/brain is our worst enemy. It’s the thing that affect us the most. By adopting a positive attitude and thinking, we can easily change our mood even if sometimes we are not able to overcome that shitty situation.

I know this might sound as bullshit. Been there, and because of that now I realize that I was the problem, my way of seeing the events, my way of not accepting the reality. At the moment when we start realizing that we can’t control others and maybe sometimes even what happens to us, I guess we have to do everything we can and to turn the situation so it can be in our advantage.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have a relationship. But when we find that “special someone” (or whatever you guys call your cherry pie) we start a relationship because we want them in our lives, we fell in love, we consider the fact that they can make us more happy than we are at that pariticular moment; not because we are alone and/or depressed. That’s the biggest mistake, I think.

Sharing the goods and the bads from your life with someone is absolutely amazing but be ready for it.

Wise words those from the pic, aren’t they?! And true. They forgot to mention something. When those things wrote there (anxiety, sleepless nights, agony) are more than the good things such as communication, smiles, butterflies, cute moments etc that’s a problem. THE problem. The clue that isn’t working anymore. ‘Till then, enjoy.

*Well, I really don’t want my lovely blog to become a sweet and syrupy thing about love and birds and music and hearts xoxo etc.No. I’m not going there. I wrote this post just because I find that photo interesting and smart. So cherish the first and hopefully last writing about this topic. 🙂

“Be yourself”

Am I the only one tired of hearing this Be yourself thing? 

At first, I took it as a motivation. *Hmm.. I have to be myself all the time. I have to start acting as I am.* Meaning what?! Who the hell invented this quote or whatever it is? We’re 17. We don’t even know what we are going to do with our lives. I don’t even know what I am going to do with my life. We are forced into thinking that the next year (12th grade) is the most important year; the time when we have to decide about our careers, our goals, our life’s purpose. For me, that’s actually scary. I’m terrified and at the same time intimidated by those who know since forever that they are going to Med School, for example. Besides all that, I admire them. I admire their enthusiasm, their motivation and their ambitiousness. But what about the rest of us? Those who are influenceable. Those for whom the opinion of thier parents or friends matters, or the influence of other people who already work in a domain and of course, they have to say something. What the hell are we going to do? Time is passing by and we jump from a univeristy to another, from a thought to another, from a country to another. We are young and confused. Omg, okay, I start being dramatic.

In my opinion, we can’t actually be ourselves because we still have a lot to learn and so much time left to do stupid things, laugh for no reason, fail, disappoint each other, scream, say what we don’t really mean, cry, take the blame, lie, be irresponsible, be a kid. Is the time when we learn, we give shape to a personality. We are moody, incomprehensible, weird. 

I guess a “complete” person, as a personality, character, behaviour and reactions, has about 30 years old. If is a shitty type, then he/she’ll be like that forever. *People don’t change. They reveal who they really are.* 

So stop it with this crap. “Be yourself” BULLSHIT. We are allowed to act whatever we want. 

At this moment, I don’t know where I’ll be in like 10 years, but I promise you’ll cry if we will ever meet. 🙂


One of my fav quotes: Thanks to every person who has ever told me I can’t. You’re just another reason I will. 


European Youth Parliament

A few weekends ago, I’ve attended The Regional Selection Session(RSS) of EYP Romania in Buşteni, Prahova. It’s been the most challenging event I’ve lately taken part to. I can talk about it for days but I’ll try to give you a short “description” for those who are interested into politics or things such as. 

There are different types of activities in EYP like National Selection Sessions, International Forums, Conferences etc; the RSS is the first step for being a member. 

First day, 21st of March 2014, was all about Teambuilding(TB). During the TB we had a lot of fun with our chairpersons and other delegations from Transylvania. We played different types of games which were about socializing and getting to know each other. ( We loved it so much that we still play some of them during the lunch break at school ). In that evening was the Regional Village and every delegation had to bring traditional food from their region. Also on Friday night was the presentation of every committee + the ambassador’s speech. I forgot to mention that every delegation has 11 members(politicians) but in addition to being a politician, 1 person was a musician(who performed at the Concert Night on Saturday) and another one was the ambassador (that would be me). Every team/delegation had recieved a topic before the RSS so they can get ready and read about it. Our delegation was AFET (the Committee on Foreign Affairs) and our topic was: Taking into consideration the controversial political situation in Ukraine and the particularly strong influence and violent reaction of Russia, which measures should the EU adopt in order to ensure the safety of its citizens and resume negotiations on the association agreement with Ukraine, while keeping a balance between its needs and interests, on the one hand, and the EU-Russia relations, on the other hand? Awesome, isn’t it? We had to write a resolution during the hours of Committee Work(CW) with the problems and the solutions. That’s what we did on Saturday, all Saturday, discussing and analyzing every solution. Later that night was the Concert which was amazing and after that we returned to the rooms and continued our work which was about writing Attack Speeches, Questions, Sum-up Speech, Defense Speech etc all night long! We have never thought we would ever spend an entire Saturday + Saturday night working on something and actually enjoying it, because we surely did! That’s what’s special about EYP: you work, enjoy what you’re doing and most importantly all that with amazing people. 

On Sunday was the General Assembly (GA) which practically is a simulation of The European Parliament. Its structure is a little complicated but every delegation had to defense its self with the Defense Speech and after that there were recognized 2 other teams to present their Attack Speeches which were about the weak points in the resolution. There were also 2 rounds of Debate with questions which required answers immediately (pretty difficult) and closing with the Sum-up Speech. 

Well, we had 6 h of sleep in those two nights but it has been totally worth it. We had a lot of fun and I am thankful for attending this challenging and pleasant event, if I could I would go back and do the exact same things over and over again. I friendly recommend you all to join the EYP experience. It’s not all about politics but meeting new people, improving your language skills, learning to be part of a team, being able to express your ideas but at the same time accepting others’. 

I have a few photos, take a look at them. I would also like to share with you my chairperson’s blog (Adela Iacobov; thank you for helping us and for being the most amazing chairperson ever). Check it out! About RSS



*during the TB





*during the TB







*during the TB(omg don’t mind our faces)




*After TB presentation (love youuuu guyssss)












*Group photo after GA



*Best committee for sure!





*during the TB





*during the TB






*during the CW



*during the CW





*for Adela



*Golden Rules











*Bitch please

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award!


I’ve been nominated by The Sleepy BookNerd


1. What’s your most prized possession?

Uhmm.. I really don’t know what to answer to this. But I guess it’s a necklace from my dad bought from Paris. I have it since I was 10.

2. What’s always in your bag?

Haha I love this one. Well, my wallet, lipstick, handcream, keys, during the school days of course: notebooks, sunglasses sometimes,lipgloss.

3. Favourite Book?

I hate saying this but I don’t actually read, but the book I’ve loved the most is The Labours of Hercules by Agatha Christie.

4. Dream Holiday destination?

Anywhere in Greece.

5. Favourite song?

Eminem- Superman

6. Favourite YouTube Channel? Paste a link below.


7. Your favourite funny GIF? Paste a link below.


8. Favourite Number?


9. Is your room tidy or messy?

Messy. Always

10. Can you sing?

Yeah, but I’m not that good. I do it for fun.

11. Fave television show?

What not to wear

Random facts:

– I have a funny laugh. And by funny I mean weird. 

– I sleep a lot.

– Grumpy in the morning.I hate mornings.

– I have a few friends but they’re worth it and I love them.

– I’m obsessed with cats.

– I love black. Most of the times I go out, I’m dressed in black.

– Yeah, I swear a lot. 


Aaaaand that’s all. I’m not good at describing myself. If I would start talking about myself you’ll get scared and you’ll think I’m in love. Hahah. Taking into consideration that I just started blogging last night, I can’t nominate people for the Leibster Award. Sorry.. 😦 When I’ll have more followers I will, it’s a promise!

My lovely first follower is The Sleepy BookNerd and I hope she won’t be mad at me after she’ll see that reading it’s not my thing. *puppy eyes*