In my opinion, a clever person is able to bring happiness in his life without being involved in a relationship. Being independent is the proof that you can live happily by yourself; having the power to control your emotions, actions and also lifestyle. Friends and family have an important contribution.

What we think, actually our mind/brain is our worst enemy. It’s the thing that affect us the most. By adopting a positive attitude and thinking, we can easily change our mood even if sometimes we are not able to overcome that shitty situation.

I know this might sound as bullshit. Been there, and because of that now I realize that I was the problem, my way of seeing the events, my way of not accepting the reality. At the moment when we start realizing that we can’t control others and maybe sometimes even what happens to us, I guess we have to do everything we can and to turn the situation so it can be in our advantage.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have a relationship. But when we find that “special someone” (or whatever you guys call your cherry pie) we start a relationship because we want them in our lives, we fell in love, we consider the fact that they can make us more happy than we are at that pariticular moment; not because we are alone and/or depressed. That’s the biggest mistake, I think.

Sharing the goods and the bads from your life with someone is absolutely amazing but be ready for it.

Wise words those from the pic, aren’t they?! And true. They forgot to mention something. When those things wrote there (anxiety, sleepless nights, agony) are more than the good things such as communication, smiles, butterflies, cute moments etc that’s a problem. THE problem. The clue that isn’t working anymore. ‘Till then, enjoy.

*Well, I really don’t want my lovely blog to become a sweet and syrupy thing about love and birds and music and hearts xoxo etc.No. I’m not going there. I wrote this post just because I find that photo interesting and smart. So cherish the first and hopefully last writing about this topic. 🙂